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House and Garden’s Top Shooter is now available in Canada. Top Shooter is a more powerful, more advanced liquid version of House and Garden’s late flower finisher Shooting Powder. Now in liquid form, Top Shooter is easier to use and mixes more efficiently into your nutrient solution. This powerful mix of potassium and phosphorus as well as other key minerals will promote new growth and massively increase your overall yield. Top Shooter is the work of ten years of research that improves the original formula that created Shooting Powder

For Best Results

Use Top Shooter for the last three weeks of the flowering cycle not including any weeks of flushing

Mix Rates

Use at 1 mL per L for the first week. Use at 2 mL per L for the following two weeks

Product Tip

House and Garden’s Top Shooter reacts with air so make sure your bottles are sealed tightly between applications

Sizes Available

250 Millilitre, 1 Litre

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