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For the last 10 years, House & Garden has been growing and expanding its brand around the world. The Dutch company is now recognized as one of the most successful and reliable suppliers of high quality plant nutrients and additives. By combining cutting edge botanical research and development with world class quality control, House and Garden nutrients have become the favourite brand of gardeners around the world.

House & Garden nutrients are produced with the highest quality ingredients using the latest technology. Their composition, structure and method of preparation are unique in the nutrient industry. The results of this blend of science and the latest technology created a loyal following of satisfied users worldwide.

House & Garden offers complete nutrition for all plants through their range of cutting edge formulations. The House & Garden nutrient line offers some familiar products that have been improved upon as well as some unique formulations exclusive to the House & Garden line.

There are no comparisons for products like Roots Excelurator and Shooting Powder, just ask anyone that has ever used them. In short, when you want the best, only House & Garden will do.


House & Garden owner, William Van de Zwaan, has been in the horticulture industry his entire life, resulting in his passion for gardening as well as creating the highest quality fertilizers available on the world market.

William’s family owns several greenhouses which produce roses for sale at the Aalsmeer Flower Auction, the world’s largest flower auction. Before designing the House & Garden line of nutrients in 1990, William Van de Zwaan spent time developing other leading fertilizers in Holland, giving him the expertise he used to create the nutrient line he branded with his family name.


House & Garden is a company with its own research and development department. Here, new products are developed and existing products further developed and extensively tested. Products like Roots Excelurator ,Shooting Powder and Amino Treatment are the result.

Practical Research

In the final analysis, real research can only be carried out in practice. The value of products can be accurately assessed in the day-to-day handling of flowers of plants.

House and Garden tests our products in real world nurseries. The effect on the growth and blooming of the plants, user-friendliness, working speed and the simplicity with which products can be applied are all researched and tested.

Production Process

House & Garden not only sells its extensive line of plant nutrients, but also manages the production and bottling of those products in one centralized location to ensure quality control.
House and Garden has an extremely modern and efficient factory and a fully automated production process, resulting in perfectly finished bottles or cans, with clear, international packaging and a sealed cap.

Promotions / News

New Product Release – Amino Treatment

House & Garden has launched a new product calledAmino Treatment. Following in the footsteps of Roots Excelurator and Shooting Powder, Amino Treatment combines the latest botanical science with the highest... read more

Product Spotlight

Top Shooter

House and Garden’s Top Shooter is now available in Canada. Top Shooter is a more powerful, more advanced liquid version of House and Garden’s late flower finisher Shooting Powder.

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