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House & Garden feed charts contain suggested nutrient levels based on our experience and/or testing completed with House & Garden products.

Different plants may react differently. Watch your plants for signs of nutrient toxicity/deficiency and adjust nutrient levels accordingly.

Shooting Powder

First, add base nutrients and other additives to achieve EC1.2/ PPM 840. Mix well and adjust PH to 5.8.

Mix required amount of Shooting Powder in a bucket with small amount of water until dissolved, then add to reservoir. The PH will rise slightly which enables the plants to absorb P&K easier. Do not adjust PH.


Results are visible in 2-3 days.

Drip Clean

Drip Clean forms an ionic bond with salts, making it impossible for them to build up in the plants medium or root system. Use of Drip Clean from the beginning through to the end of the fertilizer regimen will reduce the need to flush and make for better tasting fruit.

Roots Excelurator

Roots Excelurator creates a film around the roots, therefore isolating any disease or pathogens and stopping their reproduction. It also ensures explosive root growth, which results in quicker grow times, translating into more crop cycles per year.

Use as per feed charts, except if plants have suffered stress due to; heat / wrong PH / root rot or pest attack, in which case use with every feed.

Roots Excelurator works great as a repair agent if plants have suffered a scarid fly / fungus gnat infestation (once the infestation has been controlled).

General Mixing Instructions

  1. Fill Reservior with water (lowPPM/EC preferred)
  2. Add A component – mix thoroughly and let stand
  3. Add B component – mix thoroughly and let stand
  4. Adjust pH
    For Cocos / Aqua flakes – pH5.8
    For Soil A+B – pH6.3
  5. After adjusting PH add appropriate stimulants.

PH may lower after adding stimulants, this is a natural process due to the live microbial nature of the stimulant and will correct itself within a few hours.

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