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House & Garden is recognized as one of the world’s best producers of high quality plant nutrients & additives. Available in countries across Europe, Australia and North America, House and Garden Nutrients has grown from a small, family run Dutch company into an international phenomenon helping gardeners around the world achieve bigger, better yields.

This success has been achieved by combining the highest quality ingredients with top of line science and technology. House and Garden scientists have continually broken new ground in the field of botany, developing new products and pushing the limits of plant nutrition and development.

Join the House and Garden revolution by purchasing products like Roots Excelurator, Shooting Powder and Amino Treatment at a store near you.

Custom Mix Rates

Our revised online nutrient calculator is now better than ever. Simple & Easy to use, work out exactly what you need!

Product Spotlight

Top Shooter

House and Garden’s Top Shooter is now available in Canada. Top Shooter is a more powerful, more advanced liquid version of House and Garden’s late flower finisher Shooting Powder.

Promotions / News

New Product Release – Amino Treatment

House & Garden has launched a new product calledAmino Treatment. Following in the footsteps of Roots Excelurator and Shooting Powder, Amino Treatment combines the latest botanical science with the highest... read more

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